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What to see in La Palma? The Charco Azul

By | 20 January, 2024 | 0 comments

If you are a lover of the sea and you are planning your next trip to La Palma, there is a place that you cannot miss, the Charco Azul.

It is a unique space that is made up of a set of natural pools that is located in the northeast of our beautiful island, on the pedestrian promenade of El Melonar. . The characteristics of the area, rocky and with strong waves, make the environment very attractive for all visitors, although in the pools the waters are calm.

The Charco Azul in La Palma, as we said protected from the waves, is characterized by its large dimensions and has become a real natural attraction for those who visit it, including the youngest members of the house who enjoy the children’s pool or the small waterfall among other services it offers.

Anyone who wants to can take a dip in the Charco Azul, a natural pool that is supplied directly with water from the Atlantic Ocean. Although it is possible to visit this place all year round, it is worth warning the most daring that the temperature of the ocean is rather cool, even in summer.

The complex is made up of a large swimming pool, a children’s pool and a small volcanic stone cove known as the “Charco de las Damas” .

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