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What to do in La Palma | Where to eat on La Palma

By | 10 May, 2024 | 0 comments

Are you a “good mouth” person? Here we leave you some places where you can calm your jilorio (“hunger”, as the Canaries would say). In La Palma you can taste everything from Palmero cheese to wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón sauce.


Chipi Chipi Restaurant

It is a restaurant with very beautiful exterior views, integrated into nature. You can take the opportunity to have a cold beer with some pork rinds with gofio, grilled cheese and some wrinkled potatoes. If you like grilled meat, Chipi Chipi stands out for its half chicken, sausages and pork steak.


El Jardin de la Sal (‘The Salt Garden’)

As its name indicates, salt is the main product in all dishes. They produce their own salt called Sal Teneguía, thus enhancing the products it accompanies. We recommend you try their delicious garlic prawn croquettes with palm sage and crunchy militos. From the sea we also recommend trying some fantastic prawns on a bed of salt and sea bass in salt accompanied by wrinkled potatoes and green mojo.


Cervercería Isla Verde (‘Isla Verde Brewery’)

If you are a beer lover, this is a must stop. We recommend you taste their craft beer while you watch how it is made in the bar’s factory.

In addition to this, you can taste different tapas that will accompany you with the beer, including the wrinkled potatoes with red mojo.


El Canal (‘The channel’)

Typical Palma cuisine, which stands out for its more than 200 types of Canarian wines, with around 50 references from La Palma, so you can enjoy a unique experience in one of the best places.


Faro Punta Cumplida (‘Punta Cumplida Lighthouse’)

It is an old lighthouse remodeled, turning it into a unique and spectacular place. It is a perfect place for breakfast, highlighting its delicious tropical fruits, sourdough bread, island cheeses, and many more local products.


El duende del Fuego(‘The Fire Goblin’)

Chef Pedro Hernández stands out for his creativity in all his dishes to offer a complete allergen-free menu. You can taste some incredible dishes made with just two ingredients. In addition to this, in this restaurant you can find the best gastronomic products of La Palma.


El Asador del campesino (‘The Peasant’s Grill’)

It is a grill restaurant where you arrive with an empty stomach and leave prepared to continue with the route. A restaurant that is always full of people and offers traditional Canarian food at affordable prices. The service is spectacular and the food surprises with its quality.


For a complete experience, we recommend making a reservation in our apartments, with an excellent location to access the best Canarian restaurants.

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