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What to see in La Palma | 5 things to do in Santa Cruz de La Palma

By | 28 March, 2024 | 0 comments

 Preparing your next trip to La Palma? If you are one of those who want to have a perfectly organized route and know what are the essentials of your trip, here is a list of 5 things to see in Santa Cruz de La Palma.


  1. Plaza de España

It is the nerve centre of the city with a great monumental load that makes it very special. It is one of the most beautiful corners of Santa Cruz de La Palma and the best Renaissance complex in the Canary Islands. In the same square we can find the Town Hall, the church of El Salvador, the public fountain and stately homes that you can’t miss.


  1. Calle Real de Santa Cruz

Calle Real is full of façades of a thousand colours and is divided into three sections. O’Daly Street, Anselmo Perez Brito Street and Doctor Perez Camacho Street. During the tour you will be able to see the connection with the past and the fact that it was the place of departure and return of the ships that left for America. It’s worth getting lost in the alleys, shops and bars of the area.


  1. Plaza de San Francisco and Santo Domingo

If you want to take a trip to the past, strolling through the Plaza de San Francisco and Santo Domingo will transport you to another era in one fell swoop, especially in the Plaza de San Francisco, where the Royal Convent of the Immaculate Conception is located, where the Insular Museum of La Palma is currently located. The old convent of San Miguel de las Victorias is also a must-see. In its church you can admire six magnificent Flemish panels and others Baroque. A must-stop!


  1. Santa Cruz de La Palma Beach

It is a beautiful beach in the center of the city, perfect for making a stop on your route and taking a dip. It is a recently created artificial beach, one of the largest in the area. An extensive sandy area of volcanic origin that contrasts with the bright colours of the city. The beach has been open to the public since 2017.


  1. Mirador de la Concepción

The island is full of a network of viewpoints that deserve a separate route, but without a doubt today we advise you to make a stop at the Mirador de la Concepción where you can have a different image of the city. It is located on the crater of La Caldereta and you can access it from the road that ascends from Santa Cruz to Roque de los Muchachos where you will have a spectacular view.


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