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What to do in La Palma | 5 typical dishes from La Palma you cannot miss

By | 10 March, 2024 | 0 comments

If you are one of those who enjoy knowing and trying the typical gastronomy of the places you visit, today we tell you five typical dishes you must try during your visit in La Palma.


La Palma offers a wide variety of foods that everyone who visits the island should know about. But… what’s the most typical food in the area? Which dishes can’t you miss? Next, we tell you 5 delicious dishes you must try during your stay in the “isla bonita” (the Pretty Island).


The “Escacho Palmero”

It’s one of the most typical dishes from La Palma, even though it can also be found in other areas of the Canary Islands.

Its main ingredient is the gofio pellets, a native product of the island. It is mixed with garlic, pepper, boiled potatoes, cumin, and vegetables. This results in one of the dishes you cannot miss.


Queso Palmero (Cheese from La Palma)

With designation of origin since 2001, it is one of the gems from La Palma. This smoked cheese is elaborated from La Palma’s raw goat milk. It is one of the richest foods of the island.


The “Chicharrones Palmeros”

Might sound different, but it’s just small pieces of fried bacon with gofio which, without a doubt, is one of the most popular dishes of the island as a Spanish tapa and as an accompaniment. You need to try it!


The “Vieja y el Alfonsismo”

With this peculiar name, this is one of the most typical fishes of the island. Fishes that are very commonly eaten grilled.


Miel Palmera (Honey from La Palma)

It is a typical product which accompanies many dishes. There are several honey producers such as Tajinaste or Mieles Taburiente. If you visit the island, do not hesitate to try our honey.


Now that you know what you should try when you arrive on the island, it’s time to organize your trip and come discover La Palma’s gastronomy. We are waiting for you at La Caleta Apartments.

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